PTSD and those with less than Honorable discharge

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PTSD and those with less than Honorable discharge

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:17 pm

Noticed this on the news. Seems PTSD wasn't recognized during the Vietnam war as existing. Some guys got dishonorable discharges for various reasons and have since been denied PTSD benefit claims because of their bad paper. Now there is a suite brought by a few former Marines and two former Army members, each with dishonorable discharges, to try to amend that situation. Seems, now days, with PTSD presumed for just about anybody who gets sent to any of todays foreign military adventure zones, there may be some adjustments made for the soldiers of the now distant past. ... 5S20140303

Anybody have an opinion they care to express?

I think we all have heard, or otherwise witnessed on the internet and elsewhere, all sorts of PTSD claims that have surfaced in recent years for service forty plus years ago. A lot of it is no doubt justified and should have been handled long years ago when it would have done the former soldier some good. But I know I'm aware of Vietnam service guys who never heard a shot fired in anger who have camped out at the VA door in recent years and many are receiving all sorts of benefits from all sort of claims, including PTSD. It has become a cottage industry for some who have nothing better to do....and it seems to pay off better than any slot machine jackpot.

I remember some guys back in my day who refused to go to the field and generally hung around the base camps getting into trouble of one sort or the other. The Army took it's time releasing them back into the society that had produced them. Maybe some of them had a reason from PTSD that they couldn't help. But that wasn't what we were thinking it was back in the day. Not anything like what we were thinking.
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Re: PTSD and those with less than Honorable discharge

Postby Delta75 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:24 pm

The responses to the article were interesting...especially the very long one (MissCarolyn) that seems "very" fabricated.

I am sure that some cases needed to be re-examined; however, before supported they would need lots of "witnesses" who served with them in VN before the case should even be considered. I saw too many who were no more than worthless individuals who simply preferred to stay back in the basecamp smoking dope while we went to the field.

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