Fishing trip today

Post a photo about your life today. Anybody associated with the 6/31st who is a registered user can post. Posts will also be made here of photos shared in the Skype chats. Use the free upload photo feature.
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Fishing trip today

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:52 pm

We were talking last night on the Skype about some fishing trips we were taking. One guy was taking a trip to a lake to catch Walleye and Muskie and such Yankee fish. He was wondering what he would do if his boat broke down. I mentioned we have this tow service for salt water about $100 a mile them coming and with you coming back. Or something like. It hasn't happened to me...... yet. I went fishing today and got a snap of one of the tow boats. Also took some photos from fishing. Got one of me with my first slot Red Fish this year...after catching lots of white trout today. Caught it nearly back to the dock. Only...managed to get some sun screen on the lens it looks like.

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