Attaching photos to posts

After the war the 6/31st was reborn at Ft. Irwin as part of the 7th Division and existed until 1988. There has been recent interest in a reunion.
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Attaching photos to posts

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:53 pm

This site can either link photos from places like Photobucket can just take your photo from your upload here and post it. This later way is the better way since the photos then become part of the site data that can be backed up. Linked photos go away after a while because of various reasons.

All you got to do is have a photo you want to upload saved as a jpg some place on your computer. It would be better if they aren't gigantic files but relatively large jpgs will upload.

First open a post. Put in a subject line if there already isn't one. Type at least something in the message screen.

To add the photo or photos:

1. Go to the bottom of the post screen and hit the button marked "upload attachment".

2. In the upload detail screen hit the Browse button.

3. Find the photo on your computer you want to add.

4. Open the photo.

5. Hit the "add the file" after the file you want to upload shows in the Filename window.

6. After the photo is added you can repeat to add other photos.

7. After all photos are added hit the post submit button.
Type something in the subject line and the message space
Hit the upload attachment to open the data screen under it.
Hit the browse your computer button to find the Jpg you want.
After you sellect and open your jpg hit the "add the file" in the site data screen. When the post screen registers the addition hit the "Submit" at the bottom of the post screen.

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