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The opening page image over the years collected

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:07 pm
by Niner Alpha
I went looking for old opening page images over the years. I changed them out about once a month as a general rule. Most of them highlighted one guy's album or the other. Some, lots actually, as I look at what I just posted, had something to do with the Branson Reunion even long after it was over. Many of the oldest ones used are just single photos. Back in the day 2002-3-4 this site was just a message board with an attached guest book, a type chat, and a few other dangling parts about as related as an alley cat and a junk yard dog. The messageboard had a slot in the top of the header for a photo that could be changed from time to time with some rudimentary programming skills.... which I had just a little of by following a book that could have been called "a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing" for dummy's trying to program.

2005 this board became grown up and professional looking thanks to my son who has a degree in engineering and computer science who put this site together for me. The opening page, which instead of being in the messageboard header is now on the opening menu page when you link to the site with . I continue to change it every month or so as the spirit moves me. Some I use over and the Christmas one made up of a peace sign on a tarmac helicopter landing strip and a part of a 9th Division Christmas card. I must have used it a half dozen or more times during the "holiday season".

The first header still remains I'm proud to say from back in the very beginning. I created the "Octobear" which continues to be something I come back to.... like the pins and Branson reunion logo. It was simple enough...just put a 31st Polar Bear over an Octofoil.

In any case... the headers I assembled are here: ... age-Images

Re: The opening page image over the years collected

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:37 pm
by Niner Alpha
None of the images are in chronological order. Notice also the two opening pages advertising a reunion in Nashville that, after running into a stone wall, was changed to Branson. It was really lucky, looking back, that every place in Nashville willing to give us a quote for the reunion was also out to take us to the cleaners on the cost of rooms and facilities. Totally insane prices because some tourist events pumped up the prices during the time we had selected. I was lucky to stumble into getting a quote from the Branson Towers as the fourth or fifth hotel in Branson that I had gotten in contact with. They really wanted and appreciated our business in every way they could. It was just great dumb luck.