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The Blue Book

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:03 pm
by Niner Alpha
It's called the Blue Book because the cover was blue. It was really a battalion yearbook completed as late as December of 1969. It contained sections for each company and in each company there were pages for each platoon. Platoon photos were included like a high school year book. Some who served missed the photo shoot for one reason or the other including arriving after whatever the deadline was. The sobering part is that some of those in the photos didn't live out their tour.

It was the only yearbook for the 6/31st ever produced. There is one in the history archive at the Infantry Museum at Columbus Georgia thanks to a donation that came to me because of the site.

The odd thing about the book were the captions under the pictures placed there by somebody who thought it would be fun to joke around with some candid snapshots. . And maybe they were right.

The whole blue book is in the album section.