The Branson group shots

Over the years there have been monthly collages. Most saluted different contributors to the Album. This new forum is just to keep the collages and remarks about them from being totally forgotten.
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The Branson group shots

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:08 pm

Hadn't changed the front page in a today is as good a day as any to make a change. Not everybody who was at Branson is in the group photos. Some didn't get the memo and were elsewhere between the two hotels and a lot of other things to do in Branson. And.. the wives and family members who attended weren't in any of these photos.

Got to thinking.... unless somebody other than Jerry and myself steps up to the plate there will likely never be another like Branson. Just like there had never been a battalion reunion before. Never so many 6th of the 31st guys gathered in one place since Vietnam before and...with the still alive and able to travel numbers getting less and less each year it is likely never to be such a reunion again in terms of numbers.
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Re: The Branson group shots

Postby Delta75 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:41 am

Sadly it appears that the 2015 Branson Reunion will probably go down as the last Reunion to have had a truly large number of 6/31st Vietnam vets in attendance. I have a strong suspicion that the majority of the folks reported as attending the 2016 31st Regiment Association 100th Anniversary reunion at Ft Drum were probably active duty soldiers and guests. As we Vietnam vets get older, the continued survival of the 31st Regiment Association depends on the association's success at getting our younger Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghan veterans to join. Hopefully they will be successful in their attempts.

I guess that we will know more in 2018 when we see how much effort the association puts into reaching out to our 6/31st vets in order to encourage them to attend the reunion at Myrtle Beach, SC. I am afraid that since the reunion will not be held at Ft Drum, the association will not be able to depend on much of an active duty turn-out. I believe that this reunion is being coordinated by Charlie Tapp who is one of my Delta Company brothers, and who is without a doubt, a very fine man.

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