Tra Cu

Over the years there have been monthly collages. Most saluted different contributors to the Album. This new forum is just to keep the collages and remarks about them from being totally forgotten.
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Tra Cu

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat May 03, 2014 1:17 pm

Going back to Jerry Whites visit to Vietnam and looking for places where we had been over four decades ago, I decided on his Tra Cu photo as the new base collage image.

Tra Cu was a Navy base that wasn't the usual brick and mortar place like the Navy had at Ben Luc. Tra Cu was probably about as rough a base as the Navy ever spent any time in. But..the Navy always lived good. Lobster for lunch. They even had a hot shower rigged up. And...a bar that opened right after noon...and they even let grunts in ..for a while. They also had a bunch of Arvn Rangers, or whatever they pretended to be, living at the Vam Co Dong end of the base along with their wives, children and assorted livestock.

In the photo of the map...done to give an idea of how all our regular firebase stops were related...the pin tip is in a circle that included the Tra Cu base and an abandoned airstrip. The Song Vam Co Dong was the river it's Eastern edge and there was a channel cutting in along the South side of the rectangular camp where they parked their Alpha and Tango boats. Chamberlain was about nine klicks to the East and Gettysburg was about equal distance to the South West. The Song Vam Co Dong ran down south past the village of Ben Luc.

The photos attached are all mine with the exception of the group photo from Mike Manderscheid and the large one that Jerry took. Incidentally, the cut where the Navy turned off the Vam Co Dong to park their boats...I say park because there wasn't any dock that I remember.... seems to be right in the middle of the big photo.

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