Tra Cu

Jerry White toured various sites in Vietnam of historic importance to the 6/31st.
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Tra Cu

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:13 pm

This was the beginning of the "hardest" least on my butt...part of the trip. The trip from Hwy 824 to Tra Cu on the Van Co Dong River was 5 miles of a very dusty and bumpy dirt road. We crossed the river on a small ferry and on the other side of the river, on the north side of the Kinh Gay (Kinh Tru Cu Thuong) was the former location of one of our special forces units. Just behind it was what is decribed on the military map as an abandoned airfield (Note: In early 1969, I remember that we flew in to somewhere near here when we pulled security as they started building Gettysburg....we flew in on Caribous airplanes I helicopters...and....I remember landing and taking off on one of those metal I seemed to remember Dong Tam having). Well....I tried to find a path running north along the west bank of the Van Co Dong River in an attempt to reach the location that we have defined on Google Earth as the Tra Cu Naval Base....but...can you believe it? No such paths only shots are from the ferry that took us across the Van Co Dong River...from east to west. I did take a couple of shots behind the former special forces location, where the military map had defined the abandoned airfield.

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