Want to pomote a successful reunion sometime in the future?

Reunions of any size and any discription. If you have one to promote, this is the place. If you have photos or comments about past reunions this is also the place.

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Want to pomote a successful reunion sometime in the future?

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:57 am

Any interest in starting a reunion for a group of guys you served with? It could be as large as the battalion or for a company or platoon or as small as a handful of guys you particularly remember. It isn't all that hard to do if you are determined to do it.

The first thing you will need is a list of names and contact information. We have a list over over 2000 people we have identified by company and time and have an actual or probable addresses for. We also have learned by the reunion experience how to verify the correctness of the addresses we have although you should check and update our researched list as you go along. We also have a larger list that contains information of still searching for members if you wish to pioneer adding to the contact list. You can get all this list information from Jerry White or Robert Stewart if you are a former member of the 6/31st and if you want it for the purpose of reunion and social contact only.

Once you get the size of your reunion staked out and the targeted possible attendees identified it would be best to first create mass email lists for researching interest, time and location of the event. We used emails to over 600 people to begin the Battalion Stand Alone Reunion. Not just one email. First email was to ask if there was interest and then subsequent emails to limit the area and pick the time based on attracting the most people. If you are acting alone or in partnership with a small group, your choices, or the working groups choices, should have the most weight in setting the location and time if there is no clear time and location winner from the responses.

Once you have decided to go ahead and on where and when then you need to make some phone calls to lodging venues. Ask me about it and I can give you some pointers on the kind of things you will run into and some things to look for and expect to be offered and what to ask for and what to demand.

If it's going to be a fairly large gathering, you may need to ask for donations for incidentals, like making and sending post cards to people without known email addresses, event refreshments, etc. If you are going to ask for a "registration fee" you should state what the fee is going to actually cover. Jerry and I just accepted donations to start with to produce and mail post cards to 1700 people. We got so much positive response and actual cash we managed to end up with enough to send the post cards and do much more with it...including keep everybody in beer for the entire reunion. There was no need to ask for any more money to produce the reunion.No "registration fee". Whatever you do.. at least know there will be some costs and you should have a plan.

If there are going to be some group events pre-planned....and there should be at least one or two... there are some things to keep in mind and be aware of if there is money that needs to be collected in advance. But this isn't anything to be afraid of being responsible for and can assure some memorable moments for those who attend. Contact me and I can tell you of my experience with Branson and things I learned in the process of doing the Ride the Ducks and Branson Belle. .

There are some other things you need to do along the way to insure as great a success as possible and Jerry and I can advise as to our experience as to what we think we got right and what we think we should have done better or differently. Just ask us. We will be glad to help you.

The first thing... if you are thinking about this... is to see if you can get someone as enthused about it as you to join in with you to produce it. Branson worked because Jerry and I were both determined. We fed off of each others determination and carried it forward to a successful conclusion. You can produce a successful and gratifying reunion experience too. Why not give it a shot?
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Another Stand Alone 6/31st Reunion

Postby Delta75 » Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:09 pm

Hearing some inputs from Delta men as to wanting another stand alone 6/31st reunion. They are suggesting San Antonio since it is centrally located, and can be flown into. Would be glad to help but someone else would have to serve as coordinator. The Branson reunion wore this old man out. :)

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