How to wash a toilet...

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How to wash a toilet...

Postby SgtMike » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:00 pm

This was simply too much of a time saver not to share it with you.

1. Put both lids of the toilet up

And add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl.

2. Pick up the cat and soothe the critter while you carry it towards
the bathroom.

3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close the
lid. You may need to stand on the lid.

4.. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds.
Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually
enjoying this.

5. Flush the toilet three or four times.
This provides a 'power-wash' and rinse'.

6. Have someone open the front door of your home.
Be sure that there are no people between the bathroom and the front

7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift the

8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the
bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off.

9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean.
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Postby Niner Delta » Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:26 am

That is usually signed by "The Dog."

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