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Postby Niner Alpha » Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:10 pm

Saw this story where a restaurant tried to drum up business on Sunday by offering a 20% discount to people who show a Church bulletin. No doubt this happens all over the US . I've seen it happen in my neck of the woods fairly regularly. It's just an attempt to drum up some business for the restaurant owner...at least that's how the owner expressed it when confronted with ....DISCRIMINATION! There was a case of some push back against one such discount offer in Ohio recently. One group of non believers protested that they were being discriminated against. Well....maybe....but nobody ever said life was fair. I for one wouldn't go to any church of a Sunday just to get a discount at a restaurant...just saying.

It got me thinking about veterans discounts....like at Lowes for instance. I've used my discount at Lowes from time to time. Is Lowes discriminating against non veterans for selling me stuff at a discount?

What about other veterans discounts? What about first responders discounts or freebies? Senior citizen discounts pushing the limit? Of course, most people have better things to worry about. It doesn't bother me....or probably you either that some people get some discounts that I might not get.

However.... what if there were a white people's discount? How about a Republican discount? What about discount for anybody with a Make America Great hat? How about free wedding cakes for gay couples? How about, skinny people get a 20% discount and fat people pay 20% more? How about.......

Well ... I think I'll just turn on the TV and see what Trump did today and just forget about it.

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