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Postby Ron » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:36 pm

Here's something of interest for all of you who earned that Purple Heart, and w/o that time spent in an Evac. Hospital or some sort of medical attention you might or might not have made it home from Vietnam.
I'm speaking of those Army Nurses & Doc's who cared for you once you were medevac'd; luckily I never needed such medical attention. Some of you might be receiving the American Legion magazine and for those of you who aren't, there's an article relating to "a salute to nurses" in the October issue.
Here's the link to the article, of which there's also a video of one, Diane Carlson Evans and her time spent in 'Nam as an Army nurse. ... DCQicMlEVs

Diane goes on about her experiences in-country in a combat zone, returning home with PTSD issues and her adjustment to civilian life, and finally her involvement with bringing about the dedication of The Vietnam Women's Memorial on the National Mall in D.C.
Quite an interesting article, so check it out and who knows, when we might meet one of these nurses some day!

Enjoy the reading!

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