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What about this DACA thing?

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:00 pm
by Niner Alpha
Trump puts the brakes on Obama's undocumented immigrants stay in America free card. 800,000, and more,people in America who came into the country as children without immigrant status are in danger of being ..eventually...deported. Mexicans with low status jobs mostly. Big time companies, at the same time, with a lot of green card employees have got their bowels in an uproar over what it may mean to low paid highly skilled tech labor. No doubt those high tech workers have put down roots here as strong as the Mexicans even though they came mostly from places like India. ... -over-daca

The media of course is on the pity the pour immigrant who came here as a child rant.

Thrump actually left a lot of slack in the line between DACA licenses to stay for the 800,000 and actual deportation and threw the ball to the Congress to work out some laws. Not exactly a brilliant move on Trumps part but a guy who wants to build a wall had to at least make a gesture. At the same time the Congress is probably going to duck this one the same as they do every other question that needs answering with a practical course of action.