Russian hacking and the new cold war

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Russian hacking and the new cold war

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:05 pm

Obama is going out with a bang. Hopefully not a real bang provoked by what Senator John McCain calls an act of war. Now it's the power grid that is being hacked for devious purposes. We learn this from the loyal Washington Post and see it echoed by the rest of the supportive news pack that call themselves agencies of the news. However.... what was found was on a single laptop that happened to be in the building that had, upon investigation by somebody mysterious and unnamed, some kind of a spyware on it that some spook agency says is Russian sourced. And of course .....if Russia has anything to do with it then Putin must have ordered it. Or... some night shift dial watcher was looking for porn sites on the internet out of boredom and got his laptop infected.

With a little luck maybe this will all blow over....unless somebody finds out the Russians hacked Obama's cell phone..... kinda like the US did Angela Merkel. But of course that was alright... because Obama did it...... to keep us safe. Angela didn't mind all that much. And the Germans know we can kick their ass so they had no choice but to forget about it.

Greenwald had this to say about it. ... tric-grid/

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