The media and alligation politics are nothing new

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The media and alligation politics are nothing new

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:31 pm

Recently, with all the mudslinging by both the Republicans and Democrats it is sometimes said that the world has changed and the day of "honest" news has ended. Remember Walter Cronkite ... the most trusted man in news back about 45 and more years ago? Someone I know objected at a family gathering of his in laws to moaning of the passing of believable news. And he was right in not looking back to the "good old days". Back a hundred years ago there was only the newspaper and no tv or internet news nor even radio. But... those that published the only news available.. the newspaper.. all had axes to grind and editorial opinions were stated without caveat and there weren't any.. or many.. alternate sources of national news.

In 1916 Woodrow Wilson... the sitting President.. a Democrat.. ran against Charles Evans Hughes a Republican and also a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

Hughes was accused of being the shill of Germany by the Tacoma Times as an example. We weren't in WWI yet...but were getting there fast. Reminds me of Hillary accusing Trump of being Putin's man and government unnamed sources accusing Putin agents of hacking sensitive emails to use against Hillary for Trumps benefit...all dutifully reported with a straight face by various TV talking heads that call themselves "journalists" with no question or skepticism at all. ... d-1/seq-1/

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