And the Campaign trail takes a turn in Alabama

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And the Campaign trail takes a turn in Alabama

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:51 am

Living in Alabama, I'm used to the one news source that passes for a newspaper. My personal fish wrap has joined into the one major news source in the state which incorporates several newspapers into one big internet window for the state's amusement. The actual print circulation remains and has become mainly a collection of ads for local concerns like grocery stores, car dealers and shoe station. That advertising is linked to keeping everybody buying the ads happy by not offending the retail trade with inflammatory editorial remarks. In Alabama the Right Wing is the up wing and other wing is mostly missing. And .. Hillary.. is further removed than the missing wing and highly rejected on various counts. Rather than Hillary, most Alabamians would just as soon dig up some long dead President and move his coffin into the Oval office for the next four years. A President that would do nothing would be the President that at least couldn't make any disastrous mistakes and certainly wouldn't be bought by special interests.

And then... this morning... after the latest Trump revelation... the unbelievable happened. ... ncart_2box

I think the end must be near as I hear rumbling....or maybe it's the corpses turning over in their graves.

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