15 years after 9/11

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15 years after 9/11

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Sep 11, 2016 9:56 am

Today the tv shows about 9/11 will be rolling along full tilt. There will be the video footage of the two planes crashing into the twin towers. There will be endless mourning over those killed in the towers and on the planes and over the "first responders" who were killed, and are dying even now, from breathing the cloud of particles that must have been buzzing their heads at ground zero like head clouds in a Peanuts cartoon strip. There will be the chest thumping and flag waving and mention of how "exceptional" we are as a people who have overcome... whatever it was we actually overcame.

But ...see if any of the "shows" will tell of the endless and pointless warfare that still continues fifteen years later...or even hints at how we will ever end it? Here is what I think is a thoughtful editorial opinion that pretty much sums up where we are now.

https://theintercept.com/2016/09/10/fif ... nding-war/

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