The great gun control problem in America

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The great gun control problem in America

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:57 am

The Guardian... a British flavor, left of center, world news organization.. posted a piece on their statistical observations on American gun violence. It starts off with the topical anti AR15 talk and tells about how Australia confiscated, by buy back, all the guns they were afraid of and how the death by gun numbers dropped by half and how Hillary thought that was a path worth considering Only thing is.....the half gun death drop, after the confiscations, amounted to less than 40 people per year in Australia.

But what is interesting are the statistics. For instance... gun deaths are about the same from year to year in America, with or without mass murder by crazy people. Two thirds of the total gun deaths are self inflicted. Handguns are used in murders 70% of the time and shotguns account for more long arm deaths than rifles of any sort. And... half of all the non suicide gun deaths in the US each year are among 13% of the black ethnic population who are downtrodden and live in big cities. So...sort all of this information out and explain how anything the politicians say seems like any rational conclusion to end mass shootings....or any shootings. ... n-violence

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