This war with Isis stuff

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This war with Isis stuff

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Dec 07, 2015 10:27 pm

Obama made a speech the other night. We aren't going to put in troops he says. That would be wrong least not a lot of troops... at least right now... but he thinks his number one responsibility is to protect America...not protecting and defending the Constitution...which presidents actually raise their right hand over. But.... a little executive killing here and there .. with a little help with looking the other way from his friends and enemies in Congress who want Obama to be on his own in this kinda "war" stuff rankles him a bit. Politicians find their constituents get upset when their sons com home in body bags . What could a little declaration of a kinda-sorta war hurt Obama asked? The major political candidates are all for it. Why not? We could lick some Isis rag heads. They don't even have an air force, much less nuclear weapons. Just as long as we don't piss off the Russians.....which could be big trouble.

So what happened to that Constitutional declaration of war stuff anyway? Just like Vietnam. There was no declaration of war. If there is no declaration we don't even have to win.....right? Here is a a thought from someone who doesn't work for the American news networks. ... ama-speech

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