Reunion 100 years ago for GAR

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Reunion 100 years ago for GAR

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:35 am

A hundred years ago was the 50th anniversary reunion for soldiers who fought in the Civil War. There was a reunion planed for the Grand Army of the Republic in Washington DC in 1915. At the time they realized that men coming to the event wanted to meet guys they served with and, from the large nature of the reunion, they came up with a plan to try to meet this primary need. This was in the days before computers, television, radio, etc. Getting the word out was a task. Telephones were just beginning to be used by businesses and individual citizens, and probably only a small percentage of veterans at that time, had a phone.

There were local veterans organizations and the word had to go out to them probably by mail and still a great many men had to learn of such things by reading the newspapers. So... they had as good a plan as they could come up with at the time to get men re-connected to men they served with. ... d-1/seq-2/

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