Russian sailors leaving French port without warship

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Russian sailors leaving French port without warship

Postby SgtMike » Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:13 am

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Re: Russian sailors leaving French port without warship

Postby jbayer » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:46 pm

[quote]Some in France say Hollande should hand the ship over. Jean-Louis Bianco of Sarkozy's conservative party UMP was among several French legislators at a recent Russian Embassy event who decried the suspension of the deal.

"Can you imagine this happening under de Gaulle? That someone would lie down for the Americans like this?" he asked.[quote]

Unfortunately, a typical arrogant Frog reaction, which ignores how many time the U.S. has bailed them out. My friend Peter (4/47th, 9th ID, 68-69) calls them "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."
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Re: Russian sailors leaving French port without warship

Postby Niner Alpha » Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:50 am

The Russians should have made the French make the ship in Russia. In the US, an Australian company, AUSTAL , builds a class of war ship in Mobile, Alabama for the US Navy. AUSTAL USA provides a lot of jobs for the local economy and the connected US politicians, both local and national, suck up to it like it was the only pot they had to piss in..AND... their only chicken for that pot too. ... ull-t.html

Considering how the Russian economy is tanking they could probably use the money back. And... if it gets cold his winter the French are going to have to go hat in hand to ask the Russians to turn up the oil tap. Either that, or ask Obama to send over some of that excess oil the US seems to have at the moment.
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Re: Russian sailors leaving French port without warship

Postby Niner Delta » Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:31 pm

Back in about 1978 I was working at Todd-Pacific Shipyards in Seattle. We were building FFGs (Fast Frigates) for the Navy and
there were several being built at the same time. But on the other side of the pier from the one I was working on, we were building
one (of 4) for the Australian Navy. We had blueprints and the Aussie boat used greenprints so they didn't get mixed up.
Also the steering wheel was on the wrong side........... 8)
It was HMAS Adelaide FFG-01, sunk as a dive wreck in 2011.

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