"Choosing War"

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"Choosing War"

Postby Delta75 » Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:14 pm

I am reading a book by Fredrik Logevall "Choosing War".

"Choosing War" is really getting my blood pressure up. Apparently, although most of the knowledgeable folks had determined by 1963 that we could not win the war, Kennedy and especially Johnson refused to negotiate a peace, although there were numerous times between 1963 - 1965 when we could have exited the war "with honor" (which is what our leaders said they wanted). Even the South Vietnamese government, after Diem was assassinated, wanted to discuss peace with Hanoi. The French, English, Russians, North Vietnam, and China all wanted to negotiate a peace.....but...no.....our leaders were worried about the "domino" theory that, as we know, never happened...even after the South collapsed. If we had left in 1963 we would have lost 140 men, by 1964 we would have lost 356 men, and by 1965 we would have lost 2,384 men....far from the 58,000 that we had lost by 1973. So sad to know that by 1963 Kennedy would privately admit that we could not win the war...but he would not agree to a negotiation of peace. Some say that he wanted to wait until he won the next election. Of course, with his death in Nov 1963, all hope was gone, as Johnson took command.

I am presently almost 1/2 way thru the book, and I find it very interesting that the book seems to support what my Vietnamese wife has told me; that is,, that the 80% of the Vietnamese population who lived in the countryside didn't trust either the South Vietnamese or the Viet Cong....they just wanted the war to stop, and they fully supported a negotiated peace with the North.....or anyway to stop the war outside of more war.

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