New Zealand is our big brother too?

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New Zealand is our big brother too?

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:37 am

This cyber spy stuff is getting pretty thick. Not only are the big boy "five eyes" countries gathering all of the internet data of everybody but even a little island nation in the South Pacific is into it. And....into lying about it just like the big boys. ... veillance/

Now the whole problem with this mass surveillance is...... what if the "good guys" who are spying on all of us in order to protect us from the "bad guys" among us should turn into "bad guys" themselves and use what they can know for our harm? Does the end justify the means then? And do we want unknown operatives in New Zealand, as members of the club, able to read our bank statements, emails and listen in on our phone calls?

It's one thing when the FBI reads the email love missives of General Petraeus to his mistress while he is director of the CIA and makes him resign. That's a case of he got what was coming to him by America's tabloid sense of what's right....which of course ignores the process in which it happened. What if one of those spy agencies find out that some major presidential candidate has a mistress on the side, or anything else that could be used against him, and exposes the information to direct an election result?

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