It's father's Day in America...again

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It's father's Day in America...again

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:47 am

You know.... merchants have been having big sales to get people to buy gifts for dad. But I think it all began in 1910 when a society lady got the notion that there ought to be a Father's Day in June to balance the Mother's Day in May. The idea was that people would wear a red rose on their jackets or blouses to show that they honored their fathers on the one particular Sunday in June. And... it was intended that they all march off to church to get a sermon about it.

The woman was a prominent society woman named Mrs. J. B. Dodd of Spoken Washington. Back in those days society ladies didn't have first names as far as the public was concerned...... if they were married. They were always Mrs. somebody or other. And the local society and church people backed her up on the idea, enthusiastically it seems, and the idea spread from one newspaper to the next over the whole of the US, seemingly almost instantly. And then... and then.... merchants knew a good thing to drum up business when they saw it... and nobody wears any red roses any longer and probably few church sermons mention much about dear old dad.... or maybe they do. ... nge&page=1 ... nge&page=1
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