States that could have been but weren't

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States that could have been but weren't

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:48 pm

Remember how about forty-five years ago most of us discovered when we went into the Army that guys from other states weren't all that different from us ....nor from each other. Sure... some of them talked funny and some from the same region as us had even funnier accents than the guys from parts remote from wherever we came from....but taken all and all we had more in common than not. Even some black and white guys hit it off in a friendly way. Sometimes we found ourselves making closer friends from way off some place than guys that often came from just down the road.

However, regions had their own notions of who shared their interests locally and who didn't. There have been proposals to change state boundaries to reflect regional interests over the years. I particularly remember reading from time to time of the central Gulf Coast idea. I think it had some merit....but of course was just a pipe dream in the long run. In fact all national territorial notions of the last 100 years were pipe dreams as it turned out.

Look at this fellows site with a map of all the notions of state boundary adjustments. ... ldve-been/

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