Thought about returning to visit Viet Nam?

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Thought about returning to visit Viet Nam?

Postby Delta75 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:10 pm

Over the past, I have received several inquiries about how to arrange a trip to Viet Nam. Since our Delta Brother Doug Reese has retired to the states and is no longer in Viet Nam, I would now recommend the following tour company (Indochina tours):

Contact Courtney and Trang Forbes at the email below. Courtney was a former Lt in the 9th Division, and he and his wife Trang arranged my first return trip to VN in 2001 . Trang was a former school teacher in VN. They are great folks. Let them know that you are one of my 6/31st, 9th Division Brothers. I will also include a link to their excellent website. On their website, check out their long list of references, and, needless to say, you can add my name to the list. They will arrange absolutely everything for you, to include your flights to and from Viet Nam (your guide would meet you, upon your arrival, at the airport in Viet Nam)

Note: Over 75% of the present Viet Nam population was born after the war that they refer to as the "American War", and you don't have to worry about any ill feelings toward returning American soldiers. The Vietnamese people love to see Americans, and the former Viet Cong and NVA soldiers have put the war behind them much better than we have, and all that I have met have greeted me with respect.

Jerry White
3rd platoon, Delta Company

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