The Community Chest at the top of the title page

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The Community Chest at the top of the title page

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu May 09, 2002 11:43 pm

Ezboards is a real good site provider, but.... if you don't pay the popups off it is not in the least good. Popups can be bought off based on user hits. At the moment, and for the next six, eight, twelve months,as I forsee it, the payoff is of no amount that I won't be able to pay out of pocket money with a smile. If this site gets to any size with a lot of hits and the price goes up into serious money I'll let you know. <br>
I say the above for information. I am not asking for any money at all, even though all of it would go to ezboards, because I think of it as a fun project. Although on another board I did ask for and the site coffers did recieve a lot of money real fast. I say coffers, but ezboard got all of the money for use of the site and banked the rest for future use. This is good too, since the administrator, meaning me, has no intention of making anything off of this board at all in any way. If this board gets to the point that it costs anything substantial to support I suspect the money can be raised equally fast by just asking when the time comes. But that is a long way in the future. I hope there comes a day that I have to ask for contributions to the community chest. In the mean time, just ignore the chest and make a post and make yourself at home. <br>
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