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Karl Lowe

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 2:37 pm
by Delta75
I just received the following input from Karl's son, Kris. Please keep Karl and his family in your prayers.

Mr White,

Thank you for your inquiry and your willingness to keep people that care about my father informed. I unfortunately, do not have great news to share. My father is not doing well, he is unable to communicate, bedridden, half of his body is paralyzed and he is now having trouble swallowing due to swelling in is neck (cause unknown). He is cared for by my mother and hospice in my parents home. We are blessed to have more time with my father; however, his quality of life is bad and only getting worse. If I could legally put him out of his suffering I would.

Keep my father in your thoughts and prayers -- Pro Patria