Shanghai Bowl Purchase

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Shanghai Bowl Purchase

Postby rmcnnlly » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:08 pm


I just wanted to stop by that I'm a cousin to Lt. Col. Cyril Quentin Marron one of the original Shanghai Bowl purchases and his name is engraved on one of the cups.

Lt. Col. Cyril Marron led the 2nd Batallion of the 31st Regiment during the Battle of Bataan in 1942. He later became a POW and perished on a Japanese Troops ship in Subic Bay, Phillipines.

He left behind one daughter, Irene Marron Stearns who mourned the loss of her father her entire life. She wrote a Memoriam to him some years ago I wish to share here.

My cousin Lt. Col Marron also had two brothers involved in WWII, the other being Commodore Adrian Marron who was assigned to the construction and training programs of the LST craft at Boston Harbor and the other brother was Capt. Raymond Marron USCG, who was activated into the regular Navy during WWII and was commander of the USS Aquarius, which was a troop ship landing marines and army personnel in the campaign to retake the islands in the Pacific.

Also I may have another connection to the 31st Regiment, but I'm not sure at this time and need to check my records. My brother SPC4 John Ronald Connelly with serial number US548054 was a member of the 9th Infantry Division from 1967-1968 in the Mekong Delta. After being wounded near the end of his tour he returned home, but unfortunately he was killed in an accident in December of 1973.

I'm impressed to see alot of activity on here and appreciate the documentation and information about the Shanghai Bowl. I will enclose the article on my cousin who served with the 31st Infantry Regiment.


Richard M. Connelly

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