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Reunion 2013. Anybody willing to speak his mind?

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:55 am
by Niner Alpha
If you are going and would be willing to attend the business meeting and stand up and speak to promote any of the suggestions offered on this site for the betterment of the 31st Regiment Association, please contact me at . I've been asked to find such a person or persons who can be introduced to speak in favor of change. From the fact I was asked to find someone suggests that the present leadership feels more defensive than creative. I told them that if I could find someone I would forward the name or names.

At the moment, from a list of probable attendee's , most will likely have no interest in asserting any opinion at all about anything beyond being in favor of a once a year reunion and will agree with whatever is proposed on any other subject by the established leadership. If someone speaks up and the attendees have alternatives to choose from, there may be changes for the better.

And do not mistake my motive. I will never again go to an Association meeting. I will not ever seek, nor accept, any office in the organization. Besides that, I was only "attached" to the 6/31st in Vietnam as one thing and another of Alpha's FO team and am considered an outsider by many. My interest in the 31st Association was related to the purpose of reunions in conjunction with this site which I started in 2002. What little respect I had for, and any interest I had in, the future of the 31st Association died slowly with events happening yearly from 2005 to the present. My present interest is that after this year when I pull the plug on this site from lack of interest, that there is still some feeble link for those who have yet to make an effort to rediscover some good out of that war by making contact with guys they served with over four decades ago.

Re: Reunion 2013. Anybody willing to speak his mind?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:26 am
by Niner Alpha
So guy has told me he would go to the meeting and tell me what happens. :D

Re: Reunion 2013. Anybody willing to speak his mind?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:22 pm
by Delta75
Guess this is better than nothing....hopefully he will also express his feelings...whatever they might be.

Re: Reunion 2013. Anybody willing to speak his mind?

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:38 pm
by Delta75
Email sent yesterday to at least one man from each company (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and HHC) who plan to attend the reunion.


Please find below my response to Gil Brown of Bravo Company after my providing him with an extract, from the 6/31st Roster, of Bravo Company.

Since I will not be able to attend this year's reunion, I have asked one of our Bravo Brothers, who has been working hard to locate his Bravo Brothers, to please attend the Business Meeting and request that the 31st Association provide Ron Corson with a yearly budget for his Membership Committee, to include funding for any and all paid Social Security traces.

I am blind copying at least one Brother from Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and HHC companies. Our Bravo Brother and I would greatly appreciate it if you would please attend the Business Meeting and provide your support for this request. Hopefully a unified 6/31st will convince the Association to provide the support. Note: You must be a member of the 31st Regiment Association in order to attend the Business Meeting; therefore, if you are not yet a member, please join upon arrival at the reunion. Funding for the Membership Committee (to include paid Social Security traces) should not be an issue since in 2012 James MacMaster's estate provided the association with $10k, and the Mary Doyon Memorial Fund has ~$4k. Both of these folks were instrumental in bringing the 6/31st roster where it is today (3,254 men), and both would be greatly pleased to see the money spent in continuing their work of reaching out to our Brothers.

As I mentioned in my response to Gil: We are running out of time as we lose more and more men each year.

Best regards

Jerry White
Delta Company/1969

Email from Gil Brown below:


"Once these men are identified does someone from the Association reach out to them about joining or attending reunions"?

My response to Gil:

Gil......this is a "very" sensitive issue with bear with me as I "rant".

Up until this year....the simple answer was basically "No" It was pretty much left up to the men within each company to reach out to their own. The reaching out that Mary Doyon and I did in the 2004 - 2008 time period was done as part of the 6/31st and not thru the 31st Regiment Association. In addition, of the $10k spent toward Social Security traces during this same period, $8k was provided by 6/31st men and $2k was provided by the 31st Regiment Association.

This year Ron Corson has volunteered to chair the Membership Committee which consist of him and one other man (and his wife). For the first time the "Association" is actually writing letters to the men defined as "Searching" for whom we have a "verified" address. Unfortunately, I have verified the addresses via "White Pages" (internet) and as Ron will agree, these addresses are frequently badly outdated. Ron has a 10% return on the reunion/association information that he is mailing. Note: Ron is totally committed...and should be commended for doing a great job; however, he has limited support from the Association.

Other key points:

1.In order to be classified as "Located", the person must actually respond to a contact attempt.
2.Sadly we have more men on our roster defined as "Searching" (1272) than we do "Located" (1242).
3.Again we have 1272 men defined as "Searching"; therefore, Ron and his "small" team are grossly over-worked. No way they can reach out to all of these men prior to the reunion.
4.We have "verified" addresses on 724 of these 1272 men, and of these 724 men, we have social security numbers on 568.
5.We have no "verified" address on 548 of these 1272 men, but we do have social security numbers on 294 of these 548.
6.We have slightly over 100 men, for whom we have social security numbers, who have "never" been contacted.
7.We have a Social Security search firm, that we used during 2004 - 2008, that is willing to do traces for only $6 per name.
8.Unfortunately, this social security contact information is also frequently outdated.
9.To-date the Association has not agreed to pay for any social security traces, although they have $10k willed in 2012 by Jim MacMaster (deceased) and $4k in the Mary Doyon Memorial Fund. Both Jim and Mary would be overjoyed to see the money spent to continue their work of trying to locate our Brothers.
10.Regional Directors: One of the assigned responsibilities of the Regional Directors is to "recruit" within their regions. Do they? There is no evidence that they do. I recently sent an email to all 6 regional directors asking if they would like a copy of the roster sorted to show men within their assist them in "recruiting".....only 2 responded and I was surprised that anyone did.
11.Reno Reunion (2010): Tim Miller (the reunion coordinator) reached out to the regional directors to ask for their help in encouraging men within their regions to attend the reunion. Per Tim none even bothered to respond.

We are running out of time as we lose more and more men each year.

Best regards

Re: Reunion 2013. Anybody willing to speak his mind?

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:20 am
by Niner Alpha
Now the reunion is over. There was no discussion at the General Membership meeting. Got this report this morning from one who was at the Reunion:

Notes from the reunion: 1) At the general membership meeting, it was announced that someone had made proposals in the business meeting, and the leadership was following up on those proposals. No details were given. 2) Delta won the attendance trophy with (I think) 26. 3) The Air Force National Museum tour was excellent. 4) I enjoyed spending time with old comrades.