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New timeline additions

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Apr 20, 2013 12:53 pm

Recently I discovered the multiple page list of a beginning timeline that Jim MacMaster had sent me years ago before we ever started a timeline here. He had five pages of dated incidents and events starting with November 1967 and going to the end of 1968. Some of his notes put dates on events not in my timeline. Some of his remarks conflict slightly with, or add interesting information to, other information already listed. I've put all of it that is new or different into the timeline.

All material is now added to the timeline.

If any of you have anything to add to the timeline just send it to me.... and I need dates for any entry. Additions can be from old letters home. Anything is fair. If you only have a letter that said your platoon had a stand down on a particular date and at a particular place...that's newsworthy enough for my history timeline.

Jim MacMaster was going to be the webmaster for a 6/31st internet project, sponsored by the 31st Association. He was going to create a 6/31st tribute page and a 6/31st Wall page back then, a dozen years ago. However, nothing ever came of it and he handed what he had over to me back before we started the first Wall page. The Wall page was started first here at my site and then a half dozen years later I started a timeline from bits and pieces I gathered from one place and another, and one person and another, and had completely forgotten what Jim had sent me of his beginning timeline work until I found the forgotten cd today.

His remarks are now inserted and are credited to him as the source in some of the new entries and some one line entries not.

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