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Here is the suggestion list offered to the Association

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 9:11 am
by Niner Alpha
Here is the suggestion list that will be forwarded to Vin Zike. If you agree that these suggestions ought to be considered you should say so here where he, and the rest of the Association officers who care to look, can see it. Or you could email Vin Zike. They won't listen if you don't speak up.

This list of suggested changes within the 31st Regiment Association is produced by Jerry White and Robert Stewart based on input and ideas discussed openly on this site.

1. Devote interest and attention to the website. Keep it running and keep it up to date at all times. Have someone with technical knowledge, who is directly responsible to the Association, maintain it. An Associatoin officer should have all pertinent information recorded and in his posession concerning the site server host, website passwords and access codes, costs and expenditure information, and have delivered to him backup files from time to time of the entire site. No more unsupervised volunteers with total control of the site. The site should only be paid for by the treasurer directly and not through personal credit cards.

2. Open the Association up to give all members some say in it. Give every member a means of voting for all officers of the Association without having to be in attendance at a reunion business meeting.

3. Change the way reunions are chosen and when they are held and the Association should accept total responsibilty in seeing them managed. Allow for members to make suggestions of locations and times and open the choice up to a general vote and no longer be dependent upon a single volunteer reunion host selected years in advance at reunion business meetings.

4. Undertake projects that are of some benefit to the members. Offer information and assistance with service related health issues. Have a designated member, or group of members, responsible for desiminating notice about deaths in a timely manner. See that the website advertises and makes notice that these and other such service projects exist and are functioning. Allow members to suggest other projects without having a yearly meeting first.

5. Rethink the duties and responsibilities of the regional officers and how they are selected. If their prime responsibilty is to find new members, and promote reunions among members in their regions then they should do this or be replaced. Perhaps you should have battalion officers instead of regional officers and the various officers should have a board vote based on how many people they represent in their respective battalions. It would give weakly represented battalion leaders reason to gather their troops.

6. Be sure the Membership chairman does actively reach out to potential new members in all ways possible and does maintain an up to date list of who is in the membership at any given time. Membership committee searches for people unaware of the Association should include paid Social Security number searches, funded by the Association. The chairman should be obligated to respond to any request from any member as to contact information for other members in the Association as well. Give him a budget to do this duty and enough committee assistance to help him.

7. Redirect your newsletter to present more news and less history. Perhaps find correspondents from various battalions to report. Send it out in a time and in fashion that is predictable.

8. Rewrite the bylaws and constitution one more time with the help of a committee of members that include people from diverse backgrounds and both regular reunion attendees and those who are not. People who represent a cross section of former privates, NCO's, and officers. And at the end of the revision print it out in a newsletter, leave it open to comment, then allow all members to propose amendments and then allow the entire membership to vote on what is presented.

9.Do not make it mandatory to have a reunion at Ft. Drum any year, but allow reunions to be held according to the suggestion and majority vote of the membership every year.

10. Reunion notifications should be provided at least 6 months prior to the reunion. It is fine to use the newsletter to notify members; however, we should also post notices with various veteran's organizations such as VFW, DAV, etc. We should also notify "potential" members via email, standard mail, and/or personal phone calls. Extra focus should be directed toward both members and "potential" members who live within the state where the reunion is being scheduled as well as the bordering states. This "extra focus" should include "personal" emails and/or standard mail and phone calls. Simply making our men "aware" of the reunion is not enough. We need to show them that we not only want to make them aware of the reunion, we also want to encourage them to attend. We need to let them know that to us they are not just a name...they are our Brother.

Re: Here is the suggestion list to be offered to the Associa

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:25 pm
by Niner Alpha
This is what was sent to the Association leadership by Colonel Zike as an introduction to the suggestions.

Commander and officers of the Association

There has been an active exchange of ideas on Robert Stewarts web site, concerning the Association. I volunteered to listen to the comments, and to present them to the Association at the next General Membership meeting.
Attached are a set of suggested revisions to the way we do business. I am requesting that you place this as an agenda item for the next General Membership meeting, and also suggest that the Board consider discussing them at the next Board meeting.
At first glance, it may seem easy to dismiss some of this without much discussion. For example, most of the suggestions are going to require either an officer, or a volunteer from the ranks to step up and take on the responsibility of accomplishing the task. I suggest there may be stream lined ways to accomplish some of this and we should have the discussion.
I personally took offense at the many message comments criticizing the newsletter mailings. This is further addressed in suggestion 7. I mail out a news letter in Jan, Apr, July, and Oct, and have done so since 2006. I am going to recommend that we continue mailing on that schedule, and will denounce that comment at predictable negativity from the author.
The most significant issue addressed, which could affect all other issues mentioned, is absentee voting. We removed that as an option during the last by-laws review in 2010. I think this should get a re-look and open discussion. There are significant pros and cons to the issue, not the least of which is the time it will take someone to organize and facilitate the absentee voting.
One item that is not addressed in any of the suggestions is the manpower it takes to accomplish these items. No one in the discussion group on the message board volunteered to help with any of it.
I respectfully request that the attached list be read into the General Meeting this summer, and we have a discussion on it.
I have copied Robert Stewart and Jerry White on this email. I do not know how many Association members share the views expressed.
My role in this should not be taken as an endorsement or denouncement. My role is as the messenger.

Pro Patria

Vin Zike

Re: Here is the suggestion list to be offered to the Associa

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:10 am
by Niner Alpha
I mail out a news letter in Jan, Apr, July, and Oct, and have done so since 2006. I am going to recommend that we continue mailing on that schedule, and will denounce that comment at predictable negativity from the author.

Just for curiosity, does anybody still have a copy of the January 2013 newsletter? The one that was actually mailed before January, but was meant for January? Mine must have been mixed in with the batch mail advertisements and I must have tossed it by mistake. Would somebody mind scanning it and sending it to me? Just the part about the news and can leave out the history lesson and the trinket sales list. My apology to Colonel Zike for being inattentive and, as a result, fault finding in the mail delivery matter.

Re: Here is the suggestion list offered to the Association

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:31 am
by Niner Alpha
Here is an update on the way things stand at the moment.

Although the Association has tabled the suggestions for now there are some signs of life.

The newsletter arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It was noticeably lacking a history lesson as it's main content..... a welcome change for the first time in years. It did have some reunion information....the first this year to break the surface. And....for the first time there were photos of the deceased members for the last six or eight months, along with a few words about who they were in addition to rank, former battalion, company and year. Incidentally, this newsletter also started off by asking for a volunteer to run their if you have at least a little bit of skill , know how to fix a lot of crap, feel like running it for free and getting reimbursed eventually for paying for the space with your own credit card, just step right up. The 31st Regiment Association wants you.

On another note, Jerry White has been working hard at updating his roster, including contact information, and has sent it on to the major players at the Association. And..... wonder of wonders, it seems the list is being broken up and handed out to a committee to see if they can make some contacts. And even more remarkable the membership chairman has instructed them to turn in expenses to be reimbursed. And, take it for what it's worth, the committee seems to be made up mostly of people that aren't board members.

And...the poll at this site isn't doing anything. A sure sign that hardly anybody is looking at this site and, or, nobody really cares what the Association does or doesn't do.

Re: Here is the suggestion list offered to the Association

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:39 am
by Niner Alpha
Looks like the board was having none of this fault finding stuff. The suggestions, that Colonel Zike said he would present weren't read to the General meeting. I received this short statement morning from someone who attended the recent reunion that sums it up pretty well:

Notes from the reunion: 1) At the general membership meeting, it was announced that someone had made proposals in the business meeting, and the leadership was following up on those proposals. No details were given. 2) Delta won the attendance trophy with (I think) 26. 3) The Air Force National Museum tour was excellent. 4) I enjoyed spending time with old comrades.

Re: Here is the suggestion list offered to the Association

Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:23 pm
by Niner Alpha
This was the second most important string at the site in 2013. The suggestion list derived from...the most important string of the year... is listed here along with the damning introduction given it by the messenger to his fellow Association leadership members. Outside of a short burst of financing some social security searches, none of these suggestions were adopted. The Association officers did a executive board reshuffle of the apparent Association officers and had them voted in at the last August Reunion by the ten percent of the membership that were in attendance..

I'm done with making suggestions to the Association. May they long live in peace and quiet from any future hostility on my part. I know now you can't make a cat bark like a dog or a cow oink like a pig. It was my mistake for not recognizing the nature of the animal I was dealing with. I'm sorry I brought it all up....except for the fireworks it produced on this site. I do like fireworks....I admit.