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More from John Bullock

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:16 pm

26 Mar 70 [continued on the March 23 letter]

Had detail last night so I get to sleep until noon today, but I think I’ll goof around a little. I thought I’d get called sooner than this, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Five hundred are suppose to ship today, so maybe I’ll be one of them.

I’ve pulled details since I’ve been here, but none have been hard so far. I got K.P. once, but it was at the Steak House and was very easy. They only serve steak there for people returning from overseas so there isn’t a lot to do and very few come there anyway.

I guess we will fly into Saigon when we go. Then it will be more of the same thing as here, details and waiting around to be shipped to a company. It is going to be kind of tiresome, but all the time I spend waiting over there counts against my year. The year starts ticking away the minute the plane leaves the U.S.

The weather has been great around here; warm and hot. Well, I think I’ll finish some more letters and get them mailed off.

Love John

26 Mar 1970 [40 years ago today]

At some point they shipped my chess playing Sergeant so I had to pull details like everyone else. Still, I remember I had some free time, and usually headed for the library.

I was ready to go, more excited than anxious, but of course nothing in the Army ever happens right now. You have to wait for it.

Sitting in the library one day I listened to a couple of other guys talking nearby. One was on his second trip and was pretty nervous about the whole thing. He was married to boot, so was going to be away from his wife for another year. That should have made me nervous, but I was young, didn’t have his experience or memory, so let it slide on by. I wasn’t ready to let go of a perfectly good adventure, because of his experience. I had dumped my last girlfriend while on Christmas leave, so didn’t have his ties to worry about.

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