Another from John Bullock. Day in Cambodia

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Another from John Bullock. Day in Cambodia

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Feb 02, 2008 2:56 pm

This will be added to the outline. John just found it in another letter. ( the captain he talks about is Alpha's George Lavazzi.

11 May 1970

We are in Cambodia now about 5 days and expect to be here another week anyway. Most of our battalion is here chasing the gooks out and destroying training areas and supplies here. We should have a slack off in fighting when we get back to Nam. Old Nixon said he’d get us out of Vietnam didn’t he. [reference to being out of Vietnam and into Cambodia]

We’ve been checking out villages here. Yesterday, Sunday, we sat up part of the day in a Buddist pagoda, so I guess I was in church in a sense. It was all messed up for lack of care, but it must have been really something when new. [seems to me it was in the trees, open on all sides, and we sacked out for awhile on the floor that Sunday, very pleasant. I think it was “guardedâ€

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