Recent down time

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Recent down time

Postby Niner Alpha » Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:14 pm

Of recent weeks this site has seen the messageboard down three different times. It is being caused by a glitch in the server that it is maintained on and we are getting less than satisfactory support from Ipower in resolving the problem.

The problem can be given tempory fixes at my end but can't be ultimately corrected in a long term way by these means. However, Ipower is in the process of changing servers and this may correct their programing mistakes that have caused these down tmes.

There is a good chance this site may be moved to a server owned and maintained by my son who is our webmaster. It will depend on how many new clients he can add to make it worth the expense.

In any case, if you login and the messageboard is down, just check back later. A better solution to recent problems will be found eventually.

Also be aware all the information on this site including photos and guestbook, Wall page, Roster, as well as this messageboard are backed up regularly and can be shifted to another server with no loss of content...or in case of the messageboard, maybe a lost of a day or two of content.

The site domain address would remain the same if any change is made in server and no loss of contact would happen as long as you bookmark this site as

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