Nearly done

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Nearly done

Postby Niner Alpha » Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:11 pm

I've got just about every possible photo restoration done on all the old posts. Problems caused by old ezboard site photo loss and old links from picturetrail and others caused the more or less expected long term loss.

Future loss of photos can be prevented by linking photos from your computer in a jpg attachment to any posts you wish to make......or if you see a photo in the Album you wish to comment on, all you have to do is open the photo to full size, right click, copy the "property" information, then come here hit the "Img" box, then paste the "property" info and then hit the second "img" button that appears.

New jpg photos, not bitmaps, that you can attach to posts from your desktop, are backed up with the site data as photos rather than links. Keep in mind that If the jpg is much larger than your computer screen it will be too large to upload, so you need to resize it. To do this use photo software. I use Irfanview , which is a free online download.

Replacing photos in posts years old would be crazy, as well as impossible, on most messageboard sites, but this site is real different because of the photo album and because I've saved a lot of the photos posted from the start. Guys come along all the time and go back several pages to see what has been left here. At the same time damn few take the time to post anything which has made my task easier. Maybe someone will be inspired to add a post to something they see or start a new post to give this site a little more life. .

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