Apology to Roger Williams for credit long not given

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Apology to Roger Williams for credit long not given

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:50 am

I have been going back over old posts and attempting to add back photos that have been lost from various changes over the years, both in picture links and the change from the crappy old ezboard messageboard patchwork. I found one on the Delta forum from September of 2003. I updated the pictures, but realized in doing so that the photos should have been credited to Roger Williams.

I have now , with Jerry's assistance, gathered Roger's photos into one album in the Delta forum. I have also bumped the orginal post to the top of the Delta forum.

I sent Roger the following apology.

I'm Robert Stewart, chief, and now only, instigator of the www.6thofthe31st site. Having recently retired I was going back through old posts to correct past picture linking problems and came to one from September 2003. I found it missing photos that I somehow could remember. They were posted in 2003 by my then co-administrator Chuck McCammon with a remark that he had been sent them by Jerry White but that you were the source. Well, this was originally on the old ezboard messageboard site...ezboard crashed and that post along with others were transferred as part of a group of the posts that ezboard didn't manage to lose. When the new much more substantial site was started I created the photo album among other things. However, unintentionally, when the album was created, your photos got lumped in with Jerry's and we never gave you credit for any of them.

So.. I contacted Jerry and he sent me copies of your old pictures and I opened an album in the Album Delta section under your name with proper credit due you at long last. I updated the photos in the original post so that they would show again and bumped it to the top of the Delta forum and pinned it. I also added a remark that I owed you an apology.

Stuff happens on the internet when guys with as little skill as I have go to playing on it. I'm really sorry this happened. Glad that I was able to at least find the mistake and put it right after an embarassing interval of four years. Please accept my apology.

Robert Stewart

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