Need information for a timeline

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Need information for a timeline

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:14 am

I have been collecting some information from various places. The most interesting information comes from old letters sent home. I've gone through all of mine and picked up bits and pieces and so has Vern Weed. If any of you would do the same and email me whatever you care to contribute, I'd appreciate it. After this post I'll try to post some of information collected to give you some idea how this could be interesting. Different memories for different dates would be combined in the list along with historical dates.
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Vern Weeds contribution

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:30 am

Vern Weed was an E5 Niner Delta India in the FO team with Delta Company after being in C 1/11th arty for a while when he first came in country. His time with Delta company starts sometime about 3/21/69.

12/23/1968 My first letter home says that I landed at Cam Ranh Bay, then to bien Hoa, Long Bien, back to Bien Hoa and finally to Dong Tam. I will be in jungle school for 8 to ten days.

12/29/1968 Still in Jungle School. Ran into a high school buddy and we sat together at the Bob Hope Show on 12/27/68/ Only 1 mortar attack since arriving in Dong Tam.

1/9/1969 My 21st birthday. Am with C Btry, 1/11th Artillery and we are out in the field at a place called Gaio Duc? Earlier in the week we did an airmobile with the guns. Flew us out at dusk and fired all night and flew back the next day.

1/14/1969 The Vietnamese are such little people, and they will steal anything not nailed down. About 3 days ago the VC blew up a couple of bridges between here and our base camp, so they have been flying in our supplies.

1/19/1969 Showed us a movie on the wall of a building, "The battle of the Bulge", just what we need, a war movie. Shold be going to Dong Tam in a week or so. All we do is eat, sleep (?) and shoot.

1/22/1969 Move out tomorrow to a new position. Hot and humid, working on my tan.

2/2/1969 We moved twice since the last letter and now are in Dong Tam. Passed a big inspection and are having a battery party. Free steaks, salad and BEER.

2/6/1969 Just got back from another airmobile this afternoon.

2/14/1969 Left Dong Tam on Monday, now at FSB Moore.

2/15/1969 Same thing. Shoot all night.

2/27/1969 9:30 pm and still too hot to put on a shirt.

3/2/1969 Got mortared 8 or 9 times in last 6 days. My section will get ARCOM w/V Device because we kept firing support while under mortar attack.

3/13/1969 Shoot and sleep.

3/21/1969 I am now with D co.6/31st Inf, on the FO team. Go out for 2 days and come back in for one. Hate the mud and water.

3/27/1969 VC blew up ammo dump at Dong Tam, lots of damage.

4/2/1969 Hit by booby trap last week, not serious, will get a purple heart. We have moved to a little compound called Vinh Kim. Not a bad place, so far.

4/14/1969 Build up Vinh Kim and filling sand bags. We are part of Task Force Ranger, fancy name for the same thing. At night run the radios from the TOC, sometimes have 60 men our in four groups. On 2 radios am "Delta 6 Oscar" and the Arty radio am "9er Delta India".

4/28/1969 Contact with the VC has slowed down, mostly booby traps now. Since we got Vinh Kim, we have had one of us killed and 13 wounded. Only one man shot, he lived, all the rest booby traps. Will probably be at VK for another couple of weeks.

5/13/1969 Only about 80 degrees here, yesterday started the monsoon season, never saw it rain like that, rained for less than an hour and flooded the whole camp. Just a big mud hole now, and this is just the first day.

5/22/1969 Going to Vong Tau on a 3 day in-country R&R on the 28th. Will get to sit on the beach all day, and sit in the bars all night. Leep in a real bed and eat real food.

6/3/1969 Plan to extend for 65 days and will be discharged when I hit the States. Vong Tau was great.

6/8/1969 1st Brigade withdrawel announcement at Midway Conference

6/15/1969 Pulling out the 1st and 2nd brigades of the 9th Division. But don't know if the 1/11th Arty is going home, but the 6/31st Inf. Just found out that they are not going home. Rumors keep flying.

6/20/1969 Still plan on going to Hawaii for R&R in August. Most of the guys coming back only hae a few months left here anyway. Will be here until about the end of Aug, then move up to about 10 miles south of Saigon. CBS news was filming here yesterday, Col. Hayes was talking to some of the guys on camera. They call this place FSB Duke now.

6/25/1969 SHORT only 35 days left. The 1/11th Aty is moving out soon, we stop firing the guns on July 21st and we will be in Hawaii by Aug 1st. And we will be stationed in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks. God, I'll be glad to get out of this place.

7/1/1969 Just found out that we won't actually be leaving until around Aug 15th , but at least we won't have to come back.

7/8/1969 Now we are schedualed to leave August 14th. Rumors run wild.

7/13/1969 Will be going back to the 1/11th soon and stop firing on the 21st or 23rd, then we start packing everything up.

7/21/1969 Have been listening to the moonshot on the radio, that's really something. Will call when I get to Hawaii.
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Some of the stuff I got out of my letters home

Postby Niner Alpha » Wed Apr 25, 2007 11:41 am

1/12/1970 Go Devil Academy Discover EM club at Tan An. Ticket books are bought for $2 to purchase beers for 20 cents. Nickle more than outside club.

2/5/1970 I arrived at Alpha Company. Sent to Gettysburg the next day. I had been sent by Delta Battery 2/4th to be an acting recon sgt. As it turned out the temporary 11b acting RTO wanted the job, got the LNO's support, and had his MOS changed and I got the radio to hump as a result. Lt. Logan was the FO and Gene Cruise was the promoted RTO.

2/8/1970 Gettysburg Explosion of major size set off near Gettysburg deepening river and completing a navigatable section of river.

2/9/1970 Alpha At Gettysburg. Suspected attack by large unit of enemy. Everybody digs inÂ….water one foot down.

2/11/1970 Alpha Operating out of Gettysburg.

2/13/1970 Alpha Gettysburg.

2/14/1970 Alpha Eagle Flight.

2/17/1970 Alpha Eagle Flight.

2/18/1970 Alpha On Tango Boats for river operation.

2/28/1970 6/31st becomes officially under operational control of 3rd brigade of 25th.

2/28/1970 Can Giouc Finished knocking down A company HQ for move to Ben Luc

3/1/1970 Tra Cu Alpha at Tra Cu. Em club run by Navy. Hours 1100 to 1300 and from 1700 to 2100 hours

3/1/1970 Second letter. Alpha at Ben Luc and Chamberlain as well as Tra Cu. Ben Luc in Building stage.

3/12/1970 Tra Cu ambush Platoon of Alpha made contact. Killed four NVA officers and captured medical supplies.

3/18/1970 Tra Cu At Tra Cu. Navy. Lobster Tails one day. Sirloin Steak the next. Out in the middle of nowhere.

3/23/1970 Gettysburg Got there from Tra Cu day before.

3/27/1970 Radio watch There are five radios instead of four. The extra one is to control air traffic. Choppers call in saying they are coming in. Tell you what their business is and sometimes request smoke as a marker where to land.

3/27/1970 Recoilless rifle. One platoon captured in last couple of days. (Same as at Alpha HQ at Ben Luc in lots of photos)

3/31/1970 Gettysburg Been here for a week. "One man died. "his death was a freak thing though." Ronald Lee White.

5/13/1970 Alpha Back from Cambodia. Letter home notes Lt. Holderness, Niner Alpha, put in for Silver Star. Holderness promoted to captain and out of the field in a few days after being back.

5/30/1970 Eagle flights. Day before five insertions and last left as AP.

6/4/1970 Niner Alpha. Have been acting Niner Alpha since week after Cambodia. Second night of operation directed first fire mission in contact. I'm all Alpha has for an FO although the battery has just sent me an RTO.

6/7/1970 Jackson first trip to FSB Jackson.

6/16/1970 Jackson Working out of Jackson

6/16/1970 Jackson One platoon on Eagle flight out of Jackson gets in contact. Body of VC colonel found.

6/19/1970 RIF Recon in Force. Intelligence from captured documents say Jackson to be attacked tonight.

7/1/1970 Ben Luc Battalion commander, Gearin, closed the NCO club...too many fights.

7/1/1970 Chamberlain and Ben Luc FSB's...only ones left with people from the battalion. Trac Cu belongs to the Navy. Gettysburg, Shiloh, and Jackson are no longer in Existence. Neither is the small base outside the Sugar Mill.

7/1/1970 Still E3. Promised promotion in a few weeks from D battery.

7/24/1970 Talked to LNO rto who came out of the field for job. Now getting short. Still PFC...same as me.

8/3/1970 ACV explosion "boobytrap 200 pound bomb."

8/4/1970 relay station night previous. Relay station south of Duc Hoa. Mike Kirby's picture.

8/14/1970 The Island End of week long operation. 502116. Second time there.

8/24/1970 Chamberlain Battalion HQ moved to Chamberlain. 13 Aps out the night before monitored at battalion CP. Alpha radio CP helping monitor radios.

9/1/1970 Learn from Delta 2/4th BC that I'm going to the 101st and possible leave for battery Sept 5 and expected to be at 101st Sept. 15

9/4/1970 Chamberlain Alpha at Chamberlain. More Eagle flights. Learn going to the 101st after stand down.

9/7/1970 the end Going to "Dion", pronnounced "Z on" tomorrow for process to 101st.

9/10/1970 In Airport at Bein Hoa on way to 101st. Guy takes a picture of my face. Puts somebody elses name to it and publishes it in a military magazine. Friend mails it to me later.

11/4/1970 Phu Bai 101st. Returned to Phu Bai from Pistol where we had run out of C rations when resupply couldn't get in because of fog. Had to search the dump for discarded eggs and ham rations. Have been in LNO section attached to 3/506 infantry.

11/17/1970 Rumor forcasted deros of December 6th to begin process out.

11/22/1970 Infantry guy with normal deros two days after mine sent to rear with deros of Nov 30. No official notice still from 2/320th my official unit. LNO wants me to stay until battalion stands down. Has no replacement for me.

11/24/1970 I know I'm getting a drop but haven't been notified.

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