Sick Call

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Sick Call

Postby Ron » Sat Apr 08, 2006 6:15 pm

Listen Up!

As some of you know, Gary Spears of the 1st Platoon of Delta Company, has Acute Leukemia.
Gary is currently in remission and still in the process of undergoing Chemotherapy as well as being listed in the 'Registry' as needing a donor!

Gary has been in and out of the hospital in Indianapolis, IN since Novenber of 2005 and as of this posting is back in the hospital. At this time I'm sure Gary could use some words of encouragement through cards and or email.
Cards can be sent directly to his home, addresses to: Gary Spears, P.O. Box 24699, Indianapolis, IN 46224.

Send email to him at:

Any further information as to Gary's condition please contact Ron Raymond at email address:

At the last reunion. Delta company guys that served together. Gary is the man to the far right.

Ron Raymond and Gary at the reunion.

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