Fred George Losel Jr.

This is the place to remember those who died in their youth in Vietnam in service with the 6/31st and those who have died since. Family members are encouraged to post here. All death notices and information that the site acquires from whatever sources will be posted here as well.
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Fred George Losel Jr.

Postby Niner Alpha » Sun May 25, 2014 3:49 pm

I met Fred in AIT at Ft. Polk, LA. We were both 11C at the time. Fred was from La Puente, CA and , although I was from Pasadena, CA, we had several friends in common. I had lived in La Puente for several years before high school. My girlfriend at the time, who had graduated from La Puente High School, also knew Fred and Fred's brother. After AIT I had a chance to to through NCOC at Ft. Benning, which changed my MOS to 11C. Fred went home for his 30 leave before going to Vietnam. 6 months later, I went home on leave before my tour in Vietnam. When I got home, I told my parents that I was going to look Fred up. That is when they told me that Fred had been killed in action in May 1968. In fact, his funeral had been the day that I left for Vietnam. That information had been kept from me by my parents and my girlfriend. I was able to go to The Wall a few years ago and make a rubbing with Fred's name. I post it on my Facebook page every Memorial Day. Rest in Peace Fred. You are not forgotten.

My name is Joseph Farmer
B Co. 1/35th Inf
4th Inf. Div. (then. Now the 35th is back with the 25th Div.)

This memory has been added to our Wall page.

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