Kenneth Earl Brown

This is the place to remember those who died in their youth in Vietnam in service with the 6/31st and those who have died since. Family members are encouraged to post here. All death notices and information that the site acquires from whatever sources will be posted here as well.
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Kenneth Earl Brown

Postby Niner Alpha » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:49 am

Bravo company. 1969

I was with Doc Brown, Ken on many operations. He was a dedicated professional. He always put the care for others above his own safety. I stayed back to help with the wounded on a few occasions. He would tell me what to do. We always joked with each other. I always complained about our crappy medic. He laughed and we all knew I was kidding. The night he was killed I was in the same room that was hit by the mortar. Last time we spoke I saw him sitting outside the sleeping area in the base camp (Vin Kim). I said something like "Nice work, John Wayne"....He said those two words we all often said and we both laughed. About a year ago, or two, I spoke with his wife. She has remarried and his daughter is middle aged. I think about him often. He was a good man.

Rod Severson

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