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2/4th reunion update

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:23 pm
by Niner Alpha
Got this in the email today:

Hi Guys,

Our 50th Reunion for the 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division will be held in Baltimore, Maryland on October 19, 2017 – October 22, 2017, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton at BWI Airport. Walt Krause has graciously taken on the duty of hosting the reunion which is open to ALL 2/4 Arty past members from Vietnam, regardless of the year you were there. Some have asked me about whether they were invited… of course you are. Also, your significant others, relatives, and anyone that would like to spend time finding out about the veterans of Vietnam.

The rates are $119.00 per night, which includes suites for everyone, a hot cooked to order breakfast every morning, an onsite restraunt with very good food, a 2-hour manager’s open bar welcoming every night, a pool, a gym, and beautiful atrium.

To make reservations:

Your web page address is: ... .mc_id=POG

Group Name:


Group Code:






Hotel Name:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Baltimore at BWI Airport

Hotel Address:

1300 Concourse Drive

Linthicum, Maryland


Phone Number:


Any questions, please contact:

Walt Krause

Cell phone 609 850-1505



Chris Ogden (helping with contacts)

Cell phone 352 419-9481


We hope to see you all there.

Chris Ogden

Recon Sgt., A Bat., 2/4 Arty, Vietnam 1967

Re: 2/4th reunion update

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:46 pm
by Niner Delta
You going?

Re: 2/4th reunion update

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:31 pm
by Niner Alpha
Not me. But...some who pass by here may be interested.

Re: 2/4th reunion update

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:04 pm
by Niner Delta
At least your artillery unit has a reunion. As far as I know, the 1/11th Arty doesn't even have an association.... :roll:

Looked up the unit I was sent to after finishing Shake-n-bake school at Ft. Sill, the 2/2nd Arty. Seems it had a connection to the 31st Inf.
in the '90s........ From the Ft. Sill website:

"On 25 June 1958, the Second Field Artillery Battalion was redesignated the Second Howitzer Battalion (105mm), Second Field Artillery on the 23 June 1958. On 5 February 1991, the Second Field Artillery was reactivated into the Artillery Center at Fort Sill. Previously, the unit was a part of the 214th Field Artillery Group. The Task Force, 2d Battalion 2d Field Artillery-On 5 February 1991, Bravo Co, 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment was reflagged Delta CO, 1st Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment and joined the Battalion's ranks. Delta Co consisted of a M-2 Bradley platoon, a mortar platoon, and a M-1 Abrams tank platoon. The Task Force supported the Field Artillery School by providing realistic training for the students. The Mech runs trained new lieutenants in the art of combined arms tactics with an actual combined arms force. The Task Force was always a big hit at the annual Fort Sill CALFEX (Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise). They were deactivated in June 1995, returning the battalion to its pure artillery roots as it was redesignated once again as the Second Battalion, Second Field Artillery Regiment."

I remember when we would take out the OCS candidates to fire our guns and they had to really clean them up after
shooting them, fun to watch the soon to be 2Lts clean our howitzers. Later we would try to catch them on graduation day
because the tradition was that they had to give $5 to the first enlisted man to salute them after getting their gold bar.
We made a few bucks that way.... :mrgreen:


Re: 2/4th reunion update

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:54 pm
by Niner Alpha
I was in B battery 2nd of the 2nd from January 1971 until they let me become a free man again in June. The coat of arms says "The Second First". Except for a short TDY period I was mostly assigned to KP and guard duty and CQ runner. Specialist E4's and other privates were in short supply. Most returning arty guys from Vietnam, which made up most of the battery, were hard stripe E4 corporals so there weren't enough of us "special" privates to go around for the duty stuff. Bravo, at the time, was also the Salute Battery for Ft. Sill besides helping with student training. That was interesting. My job was to kneel down and hand the loader a eight inch or so long canister of some kind of waxy explosive to load the gun for making a bang and some smoke.

I also got on a detail once for flag raising each morning at the main fort HQ. That kept me off KP and guard duty for a week.

Outside of guarding parking lots and being side sink man, that was a pretty pleasant assignment generally speaking.

Mostly we assisted at training ROTC lieutenants. And ... they had no idea what was coming for them.. unless they went back to some National Guard unit....which I think a good many did.