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The 2/4th Artillery is thinking of promoting a monument

Posted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:04 pm
by Niner Alpha
I got this email asking if there was any interest. The proposition is to build a monument at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, which is the home of the artillery, and the home of the present day 2/4th artillery:

To: All 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery Vietnam Veterans,
At our recent reunion in Indianapolis information was provided about building a monument / memorial to the 2-4FA’s Vietnam service. At that time, no decision was made about whether we as a group want to go forward with such a project. Before we take any further action, I think it is important that we determine if there is enough interest and support among the group for such a monument.
A little background for those of you who weren’t able to attend last month’s reunion:
Peter Bailey, who served with the 2-4FA in Vietnam and lives in Lawton, OK, first suggested we consider funding and building a Vietnam Monument at Fort Sill.
Fort Sill has set aside an area in which artillery units can place monuments as long as there is no cost to the government. That means that we would have to provide all the funding for the design and construction of the monument.
Any proposed monument would have to be submitted to the DoD for approval, including architect and construction plans. The approval process is extensive and could take up to two years or more.
A number of units have already built monuments, including the 8th of the 4th Field Artillery, Vietnam veterans, as well other Vietnam and WWII units. Photos of some of those monuments were available for review at this year’s reunion.
If we were to decide to fund and build a monument, some sort of committee would have to be formed to design the monument, solicit funds, manage finances, coordinate the approval process, and supervise the construction. My best guess is that this would entail a minimum of a 2 – 3 year commitment for committee members, and would probably involve some travel. Some of the folks who helped with the 8-4FA monument have indicated that they would provide us with technical advice on how to work through the process.
Based on the information provided by Peter Bailey, the cost of the monument could range from $4,000 for a small plaque on a concrete or granite base to $20,000 or more for an engraved granite monument that might show the regimental crest and list such information as the dates of service, unit locations, a list of our KIAs, etc. Of course, the options in between are infinite.
Finally, I’d like to add a couple of ideas that Peter Bailey has offered:
Another possibility would be to design a monument that would honor all past, present and future 2-4FA veterans. If the scope of the monument were expanded in this way, then it could widen the pool of potential donors to include all past and present members of the battalion.
Additionally, Peter has generously offered provide whatever help he can to the committee to get information from Fort Sill / Lawton, such as any clarification of submission requirements, and being the "taxi service" if committee travel to the Lawton area.
What I’m asking by sending out this email is:
1. Do you support the building of a monument to the 2-4FA at Fort Sill?
2. Are you willing to support such a monument financially? If so, how much are you willing to donate?
3. Are you willing to serve on a monument committee to oversee the design, funding and construction of a monument?
4. Would you be willing to chair the monument committee?
I would appreciate if each of you could take time to respond to this email.
Thanks for giving this matter you attention.
Tom Striegler
A & B Battery
2-4FA, Fort Riley 1966 & Vietnam 1967