Rich Tripi

Charlie battery 1/11th and Delta battery 2/4th were two of the Artillery units that supplied both enlisted members of the FO teams and artillary fire support during different time periods in Vietnam. Please make a post and make yourself known if you played a part in artillery support.
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Rich Tripi

Postby Niner Alpha » Sat Sep 11, 2010 5:01 pm

Rich sent me this photo. He was in the FO team for Charlie Company in 69 and was in both the 1/11th and 2/4th.

He sent me this note:

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your fast reply.....The name Vern Reed dosen't ring a bell nor does Doug Reese. So your a gun bunny also. (13A10) I too was with 2/4th Arty when the 1/11th went home with the 9th in 8/69...Hey..attached I have a picture of some guys with the 2/4th taken late 69.. left to right is Al Fried from the Bronx,Pete Dynan from Boston,Tom Hunsucker from California and then myself. I'll forward your E mail to Don Tonnell who might know your guys..He also was with 1/11th attached to C 6/31st
He has a much better memory than mine. Your the 1st guy I've spoken to from the 2/4th Arty. Too bad we didn't meet at the reunion !!

Hope to hear from you soon, Rich

ps: I think the picture was taken in fsb Can Giouc or Mud ????

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