Oh really !!

Charlie battery 1/11th and Delta battery 2/4th were two of the Artillery units that supplied both enlisted members of the FO teams and artillary fire support during different time periods in Vietnam. Please make a post and make yourself known if you played a part in artillery support.
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Oh really !!

Postby Niner Delta » Sat Apr 01, 2006 7:52 pm

I was just reading an article in the National World Monitor that said it had proof that artillery units in Viet Nam were late 73% of the time with their fire missions. And here is their breakdown:

12% - Forgot to take ammo off of truck.
03% - Couldn't find ammo truck.
07% - Used left over bags of powder charge to heat C-rations.
04% - At hospital getting powder burns wrapped.
10% - Hung over.
13% - Still drunk, couldn't find howitzer.
09% - At hospital getting stitches after finding howitzer in the dark.
11% - New Playboy just arrived, not seen centerfold yet.
08% - In latrine with new Playboy jac........never mind.
25% - First Sgt. sent best people out on FO teams.
14% - Put wrong end of shell in casing. (only once)
02% - Using aiming post lights to make shadow puppets.
06% - Crewmen still in conga line at em club.

As an artilleryman I am offended, I found at least 3 things on that list that never happened.


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