Others in Echo

Fall in. Answer up. Be accounted for. Post a memory, photo, greeting or question. If nothing else post that you are still alive because some of us are likely to be glad you did.
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Others in Echo

Postby brbailey » Fri Feb 10, 2006 8:39 pm

I have seen a lot of names of people I remember on these Web sites this week. I'm Doc Bailey, with Echo late 69 into 70. I have been in contact with Phil Tolliver via this message board. Some others I remember whose names I have seen are Jim McMahan, Bill Belden,and Doc Miner who was also a medic.I hope all you guys are doing well.
If any of you are going to the reunion,let me know. One of my sons just got married and the other is in college, they think my pocket doesn't have a bottom but I am going to try to make it.


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