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More Echo Men added to the 6/31st Roster

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 12:31 pm
by Delta75
Hello Echo Company,

Thanks to copies of orders from one of our Brothers, we will be adding 7 more Echo men to the 6/31st roster. Due to their unusual names, I have been able to "tentatively" locate two of the men via internet White Pages. Unfortunately the other 5 resulted in too many "possibles"; therefore, locating these men will require a paid SS# trace ($6 per SS#).....and...our limited search funds were exhausted during our Branson Reunion searches.

Best regards

Jerry White
"Caretaker" of the 6/31st Roster

I attempted to send this information via my gmail distribution list; however, gmail is screwed up and is returning all as "undeliverable".

PFC Robert F. Homrich, Echo Company, 1970. 505-898-0674, 5421 Lewis Ct NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114.

SGT David B. Woodbeck, Echo Company, 1970. 989-539-5924, 734-654-8421, 2520 W Lily Lake Rd, Harrison, MI 48625.

PFC Dennis J. Anderson, Echo Company, 1970. SS # issued in NY.

PFC Gene L. Edwards, Echo Company, 1970. SS# invalid number

PFC William Grant Jr, Echo Company, 1970. SS# issued in SC.

PFC Alvin B. Maddox, Echo Company, 1970. SS# issued in AL.

PFC Edgardo Rosario, Echo Company, 1970. SS# issued in CA.