Rice in the Plain of Reeds?

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Rice in the Plain of Reeds?

Postby echo66 » Sat Dec 27, 2003 2:39 pm

In March,1970 we in the Recon Platoon 6/31st had the privledge of having the local Provincial Recon Unit attached to us for about a week at FSB Chamberlin.They were excellent solidiers and helped us tremendously on intelligence.The assistant/interperter was extremely intelligent.He had graduated from the University of Paris and could speak and write five different languages,one of them being Chinese.Whenever possible we would gladly listen to him tell us the history of Vietnam,one of his best was the Plain of Reeds.
In the 1930's some of the French big wigs had decided that they could grow rice in the Plain of Reeds and ship it to Europe and become wealthy.At the same time they hired scientist to develop a varity of rice that would grow in the Plains, they also started digging canals to put the rice on small barges/boats and ship it from the Vam Co Dong river to the pond and then to Europe.The canals were completed before the rice was invented,plus WWII started and everything fell by the wayside.I am glad the French were dumb enough to dig the canals.

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